Do you find yourself fretting too much? Well, you’re not alone; at some point everyone is gripped by their fears and anxieties. Wild actress Reese Witherspoon also admitted to being worried often and finding it difficult to relax.

In an interview with, the 39-year-old said, “The most difficult thing for me is finding time for myself to just relax and not worry about things, which is my natural inclination.”  When she’s struck by such woes, she likes to walk in nature amidst the peace and calm. That for her, is one form of therapy as an adult.

You too can find your way out of the darkness and embrace a simple form of self-therapy that will make you feel better. Here are five tips to get started.

  • Be More Aware About Your Breath: When you realize that you aren’t breathing right, take a deep breath in and relax into the sweetness of the moment. Training yourself to control your breathing will help you calm down and reduce anxiety levels. Breathing exercises work by breaking the obsessive pattern of thinking that is common during panic attacks. Here are three breathing exercises to calm you down, the next time anxiety takes over.
  • “So Hum” Your Way Into Relaxation: This is a silent practice where you breathe in and focus on the sound of so (hearing it internally), and exhale hearing hum. Continuing the “so hum” mantra is a way to relax the mind. This sound is a mind tool that can give your brain the focus it needs to stop the internal chatter.
  • Express Your Emotions Into A Pillow (Scream It Out) & Shake Your Body: If you want an emotional release, do it with physical actions. Scream out loud, and have a good ol’ cry if you must. If you don’t allow yourself an outlet for repressed emotions such as anger and sorrow, you could experience long-term stress and disease.
  • Go For A Walk Amidst Nature: Nature has long been recognized as a source of emotional and physical healing. Like Reese Witherspoon, you too can harness the power of nature. The goal is to strengthen your connection with the earth. So step out. Walking barefoot or even hugging trees are therapies that can make you feel better instantly.
  • Give Yourself Time: Honor your emotions and the changes around you. Indulging in some ‘me time’ will help you come to terms with your woes and equip you to deal with your emotions better.

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