I love, love, love the power of color, especially splashes of bright, vibrant color to decorate my home. I think it makes such an amazing impact on our lives—it can enhance our mood and make us feel emotions.

Think about a sunset with the most breathtaking reds, oranges, and yellows, or a rainbow with different shades. How spectacular it is that nature produces these colors in the sky for us to enjoy. Think about a bright red rose and what it symbolizes and evokes, or the most crystal clear turquoise blue ocean water you have ever seen. When you look at, or think of certain colors, how do they make you feel? The blue water may make you want to take a deep breath, sigh and relax; the red rose may make you feel love and romance; the sunset may make you feel thankful and produce a smile, and the rainbow may bring about wonderment and joy.

Now that we understand that colors are not simply just colors, that they represent so much more and can affect us, we can think about this—colors can heal. The history of colors used for healing goes back to ancient Egypt and Greece, where they built healing temples of light and color. Since those beginnings, studies have shown that profound physiological and psychological changes may occur simply by altering the color of light entering people’s eyes. Some even believe that the cause of any disease can be traced back to the lack of a particular color in the human system.

Not convinced yet that there’s more to a color than you thought? Check this out:

  • Red evokes excitement, energy, passion, strength, and heat.
  • Yellow stands for joy, happiness, optimism, imagination, and hope.
  • Blue evokes peace, stability, harmony, trust, confidence, and loyalty.
  • Orange stands for energy, balance, warmth, vibrancy, enthusiasm, and attention.
  • Green represents nature, health, good luck, renewal, and fertility.
  • Purple is the color of royalty, spirituality, nobility, mystery, transformation, and enlightenment.
  • Gray stands for security, modesty, and practicality.
  • Brown represents earth, home, comfort, endurance, and simplicity.
  • White is for purity, precision, goodness, and humility.
  • Black is for sexuality, sophistication, elegance, and wealth.

Now, how can you use this amazing color knowledge to bring various elements of health and renewed energy into your life? In the way you dress!

  • If you’re embarking on something new or wanting to turn over a new leaf, wear green.
  • Wanting to rid yourself of anxiety or wanting to feel comfortable in your own skin? Wear blue.
  • Thinking of blending in or wanting to show the world you’re not to be messed with? Wear black.
  • Feeling playful, or need to get your creative juices or energy flowing? Wear orange.
  • If you’re compassionate, approachable, and capable of loving others, wear pink.
  • Wanting to get noticed, feeling special and unique, wanting to prove you’re a non-conformist? Wear purple.
  • Exuding confidence or wanting to come across as intimidating? Wear red.
  • Need a cleanse, or wanting to start your day with a clean slate, with a fresh, bright outlook? Wear white.
  • Healing yourself, needing warmth and optimism and want to get your perk on? Wear yellow.

Colors are amazing, fun, mood-altering and even healing. Hopefully you’ll be able to look at them in a whole new light and utilize them to enhance your life.