A study from the University of Chicago reveals that older people are significantly happier than younger ones. Baby boomers, or people born in the years following the Second World War (currently 50 to 70 years old), are reportedly more content with life. They appear to be enjoying their golden years and living more happily than 20 to 40-year-olds.

The study dates back to 1972, when researchers started surveying Americans and found that they only felt happier with each passing year. Even though young people are endowed with high energy and are in peak physical condition, they don’t seem as happy as their parents and grandparents. Sociology professor Yang Yang calls this the ‘age as maturity hypothesis’. It means that happiness grows as people mature, because their ability for self-integration improves. This leads to a better sense of overall well-being, a new perspective and a new appreciation.

So what’s the secret to their happiness? A routine which is calming and reassuring, self-care in daily life such as exercising, healthy eating, and regularly connecting with others. Practice these if you want to live a happier life, well into your old age.

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