While you are in your courtship period, or still in that ‘chase’, you often do special things that make your partner want you more, but what about when you already have each other?

This morning-to-evening guide will not only leave your partner feeling the same thrill of the chase, it will also set the stage for a passionate night ahead. Brace yourself, ladies.

1. The Lipstick Note
Before your partner hits the shower or enters the washroom, make sure you leave a note on the mirror using, what else, your favorite shade of lipstick. You can write anything you wish to, but if you want to steam it up, make sure to leave a hint of what you would like to do tonight.

2. Ask Your Partner To Choose Your Lingerie For The Day
You can give options by pulling out your sexiest lingerie and asking your partner to choose what you should wear for the day. Your partner may head out to work, but you’ve got your designs on him which will translate into great sex when he’s back.

3. Grab Him!
Even as see each other off to work, get a quick grab at that backside, or maybe give a sudden tight tug at the collar to bring your partner closer. It doesn’t have to be cheesy, but definitely suggestive. Rest assured, your partner will be asking for more.

4. Leave A Whiff Of Yourself
Dab on your favorite perfume around your ear, one that you know your partner likes, and gently bring your partner’s face close to you so that the perfume rubs off. Say something like ‘now you know what I will be wearing at night’ or anything naughty, and let your partner smell you the entire day.

5. Send A Sexy Voice Note
While you’ve been leaving a lot of sexy trail through the day, keep this one short and sweet. Send a voice note in the second half of the day, saying something like how you can’t wait to catch up. In all likelihood, your partner will reach home before you expect him to, so be ready for a good night.

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