If you thought your family squabbles were going to scar your child for life, you might be surprised at what research has to say. According to a study conducted by the Pennsylvania State University and published in the journal Human Communication Research, children who get exposed to intense verbal aggression in families are better equipped to handle stress and conflict later in life.

As part of the experiment, the researchers followed 50 couples and monitored their baseline cortisol (stress) levels, then interviewed them separately on the most stressful areas of conflict in their respective relationships. They also completed a questionnaire on their childhood experiences with verbal aggression.

The research concluded that couples who faced more intense conflict had a better physiological stress response. As a matter of fact, it helped them get rid of tension and develop better communication skills. The study also added that people who experience higher levels of aggression during childhood had a less severe response to the argument and lower cortisol levels.

Source: IANS

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