Sure, Halloween is all about candies and creating those spooks, welcoming trick-or-treaters at your doorstep and cooking up fun themed treats. With a little bit of imagination, this fest can be a fun affair for you and your partner as well.

Here are five sexy and fun ways to celebrate Halloween with your better half.

1. Play Dress Up
Yes, don’t give up on costumes as kids’ play. Depending on how you and your partner want to take the evening forward, dress up in something that’s spooky, fun, cute or all out adult. Role play, anyone?

2. Eat The Candy
When it’s Halloween, you’re allowed to be a little careless and enjoy those treats that you are desperately trying to stay away from. Get that bag of candies and feed each other some yummy treats. You can always burn off the extra calories between the sheets (we’re just saying).

3. Get Out Those Scary Movies

When was the last time you actually sat down to a full night of watching scary movies, the ones that will really make you scream? If you want some added effects, make sure the house is completely dark, and we mean, completely.

4. Set The Mood For Food
If you are not really in the mood to cook a lavish spread for just the two of you, try getting some Halloween themed cutlery and maybe make just a few Halloween themed snacks that should be perfect for the two of you.

5. Visit A ‘Haunted Place’
It might be the perfect night to finally go and visit that spooky haunted place you’ve been hearing about all the time. If you don’t have any haunted places nearby, you can always go for a long walk with your partner, just the two of you in the dark of the night, hold each other tight.

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