Single people in America, take heart. A comprehensive study reveals that one-third of the population of the country will be solo this holiday season. If you’re one of them, you needn’t sulk. Read on to find out how to have a blast and create happy memories when the clock strikes 12.

Set Out
Don’t sit at home moping about your single status. Celebrate your freedom and use this time to travel somewhere exciting. Grab another single friend and hop onto a cruise ship that has programs designed for singles, or one that is exclusively for singles. Remind yourself how lucky you are not to be stuck at home, doing holiday stuff such as shopping for presents, endless cooking, and maintaining a tree.

Forage The Field
It’s the perfect time to work on your flirting skills, since you’re likely to meet new people at parties. The big perk of being single means you can pick and choose. Plus there’s mistletoe everywhere, giving you the perfect excuse to kiss that stranger you find cute. If you’re the more private type, know that we’re in the midst of peak online dating season, so explore your options.

Be Proactive
If you can’t beat them, join them! Don’t wait to be invited. Throw a rocking party instead. Invite all your single friends and ask each one to bring another single friend, so that everyone has a chance to meet someone new. If you’d rather avoid all the work that goes into throwing a party, head to the nearest soup kitchen or local homeless shelter. There, you will find people who couldn’t care less about being single, because they’re too cold and hungry. Charity work and volunteering are great for the heart and you might make new friends or meet someone interesting with the same values as you.

Keep Calm
If the bright twinkling lights and tinsel, blaring carols and the frenzied shopping overwhelm you, you could simply switch off for some quiet time. DIY spa therapies and bathtub reading beckon. Or you could indulge in some restorative sleep. This is a good time for soul-searching, preparing you to enter the New Year all calm and focused.

Celebrate your single status with so much gratitude and joy that you make the couples wish they could be like you.

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