Spiritual healing is a form of alternative healing that aims to heal the whole  being, not just treating cure physical or mental problems. Forms of spiritual healing include energy healing, biofield energy healing, contact healing, distant healing, therapeutic touch, Reiki or Qigong. Such healing is based upon the principle that the healer channels energy into the patient to heal them. For centuries, various cultures have used spiritual healing.

For example, shamans use spiritual healing to channel healing energy from plants, animals or other sources. Christians believe that Jesus was able to channel healing powers from God and, in turn, Christian healers believe they channel God’s power to cure the sick or the maimed. Energy healing or reiki differs in that the source of healing comes from the technique rather than the practitioner. The healer is not considered divine.

How it Works
Spiritual healing can work a number of ways, depending on the religious or alternative medicine system. With reiki, the practitioner learns how to channel qi through a process of attunement. Reiki may be traditional Japanese Reiki or Western Reiki. Traditional Japanese Reiki itself has five traditions: Usui Reiki Ryōhō Gakkai (Usui Reiki Healing Method Learning Society); Reidō Reiki Gakkai (Spiritual Occurrence and Spiritual Energy Society); Kōmyō Reiki Kai (Enlightened Spiritual Energy Meeting); or Jikiden Reiki (The Direct Teaching of Spiritual Energy). Western reiki is the system that was brought to the west by Hawayo Takata.The western tradition uses set hand patterns for the internal treatments, rather than Reiji-hō, the intuitive skill of “knowing where to place the hands”.

Non-invasive and Restorative
Non-invasive healing – Spiritual healing can heal a number of disorders physically, mentally and spiritually with the use of nature’s energy. It is a simple and non-invasive way to become healthier and attain the wholeness of oneself.

Restore the body’s natural energy –The loss of the body’s spiritual energy causes numerous problems in mind and body. Practitioners use spiritual healing to replenish this energy, to restore the body’s natural healing and increase its natural defenses. This makes the mind more resilient to the effects of stress.

Complimentary medicine – Because spiritual healing is non-invasive and non-pharmacological, it can be safely used as a complimentary medicine. There are no dangers that it will interact with other drugs or treatments. Pregnant women can use spiritual healing without any negative side effects.

Remedies Insomnia, Stress and More
Insomnia – Spiritual healing can normalize the body’s energy levels and can ease a person’s mind. Excessive worry can lead to insomnia. Spiritual healing makes the mind more peaceful, to aid relaxation and insomnia.

Slow Aging – The body ages faster when there is an imbalance of energy. Spiritual healing can help balance energy of the body and mind, reducing stress and illness.

Hormonal imbalance – Most health problems are caused by hormonal imbalances. Spiritual healing may promote hormonal balance, by normalizing the body’s energy.

Psychological disorders – Spiritual healing may prevent or cure psychological disorders such as anxiety by balancing the mind’s positive and negative energy to achieve calm.

StressStress can be amplified by mental fixation. Spiritual healers believe that this fixation causes a mental energy blockage: anxiety or depression. By normalizing energy flows, spiritual healing can help eliminate the harmful effects of stress.

Spiritual healing is a non-invasive form of alternative healing espoused by many religions. Reiki healing is one form that arose from Japanese Buddhism and has grown increasingly popular in the west. While there is much anecdotal evidence which favors reiki as a healing technique, there hasn’t yet been any scientific evidence to establish its efficacy. For this reason, it is not recommended that you use reiki or any other form of spiritual healing in place of conventional or pharmacological medicine, especially with serious, life threatening illness.