Essential Oils: Smell is the most evocative sense, and the right scent has the power to instantly transport you to a happy place. Choose lavender to relax, lemongrass to feel refreshed, and orange to be energized. Carry them in spill-proof bottles.

Essential oils are popular for their natural medicinal properties. Besides providing numerous beauty care and health benefits, many of them contain elements that repel insects. Their antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory characteristics contribute in making them a potential compound for bug sprays. And they’re certainly safer and more eco-friendly than toxic commercial bug sprays. Use these five essential oils to keep bugs away.

Witch Hazel: With its strong anti-inflammatory properties, this oil also has an anti-itch compound which treats bug bites and skin irritations. It is best used as body spray or a bug-repellent cream.

Sweet Orange: It is effective against larvae and pupae, consecutive stages of insect development, and thereby helps in the elimination of houseflies. It is best used as a bug spray.

Cedar Wood: It has the ability to repel moths, ants and fleas in large amounts. Use it as a vaporizer or spray it near the bed. It can also be used on pets, to keep them free of ticks.

Eucalyptus: Though a strong insect repellent, it can cause skin irritation. So use it in aroma diffusers or room-sprays. This oil can also be used on pets.

Citronella: With a fresh, lemony smell, citronella is effective against ticks, termites and dust mites. Moreover, it can kill the larvae of the mosquito that causes dengue fever. Use it as a room spray.

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