Fall Wreath Tutorial | DIY Floral Craft Idea for the Fall

If you’ve spent time on Instagram, Pinterest, or Etsy, you’ve probably seen the latest home decor trend — a modern wreath made with a gold ring. This fall wreath tutorial will show you exactly how you can carry out this stylish trend right at home.

Most of the modern wreaths that are made with gold rings are designed to look asymmetrical. Unlike a traditional wreath, the greens and flowers do not cover the entire loop but instead cover only part of the loop. This is done to showcase the gold metal ring, which adds a modern, industrial feel to the wreath.

You can design your fall wreath in any color palette that you choose. Moody fall colors like plum and burgundy are popular choices. For this DIY fall wreath, we chose to go with a peachy blush and orange color combination.

Faux peony flowers are a wonderful option because they’re big, full flowers and will take up a decent amount of real estate on your gold ring. The decision to use eucalyptus for our greens vs. other plant types was based on eucalyptus’s rustic appeal. Not only that, but the faux eucalyptus stems that we chose were very realistic in their appearance.

The touch of autumn that we needed for our fall wreath came in the form of mini pumpkins. The orange, foam pumpkins were applied onto a couple of bare spots on the wreath with hot glue. The pumpkins helped fill out the wreath and added the festivity our wreath needed.

fall wreath supplies

To make this fall wreath, here’s what you need: 

  • 1 gold ring (10″)
  • 1 blush faux peony bouquet, separated into individual stems
  • 3 faux eucalyptus stems
  • 4 mini foam pumpkins
  • floral wire
  • wire cutter
  • hot glue gun with glue sticks


wrap a eucalyptus stem around gold ring

Trim a piece of floral wire and use it to wrap one eucalyptus stem to the left side of your gold ring.

wrap the floral wire tightly

Make sure to wrap the wire tightly so that the stem stays secured against the ring.

add a second eucalyptus stem

Add a second eucalyptus stem to the gold ring, making sure the leaves of the second stem overlap the stem of the first eucalyptus. Use floral wire to secure the second stem in place.

add a third eucalyptus stem

Add a third stem to the gold ring, however, place this third stem in the opposite direction of the first two stems. The third stem’s leaves should be covering any exposed eucalyptus stems. The third eucalyptus’s stem should also be hidden underneath the leaves of the other eucalyptus. Again, use floral wire to secure the stems in place.

trim peonies

Trim the peony stems so that the stems measure about 1″ in length. This should be just enough stem to weave through the floral wire that’s holding the eucalyptus in place on the gold ring.

weave peony stem through floral wire

Secure each peony stem to the wreath by weaving the stems through the tightly wrapped floral wire.

arrange peonies togetherpeonies on fall wreath

Arrange the peonies together in three different spots on the wreath, with one bunch being at the bottom, another on the left side of the wreath, and the last bunch on the right side of the wreath.

apply hot glue to pumpkins

Apply hot glue to the bottom of the foam pumpkins before adhering them to the wreath. Place the pumpkins onto the more bare spots on the fall wreath.

fall wreath finished

Let the glue dry, then hang your finished fall wreath on your door!