Flower Power: 5 DIY Spa Treatments For Total Relaxation

Flowers are nature’s little beauty elixir. Use in the right blend of salts and oils, they also make for the most wonderful, natural spa therapies.

Chamomile, hibiscus, rose, lotus, orchid, lavender and jasmine are some of the flowers recognized for their rejuvenating properties. Browse the slides to learn how to use them, and convert your home into a fragrant, mini spa.

1Floral Bath Bag Recipe

A luxurious, spa-inspired bath can be yours at home with this simple preparation. This easy-to-make detox bath bag can be adjusted to suit your taste, with the addition of your favorite flowers.

2Jasmine & Lavender Warm Bath

Sink into a warm, rejuvenating bath enriched with the goodness of lavender, jasmine and witch hazel flowers. The best part is, you can store this lavender and jasmine bath mixture in the refrigerator for a week.

3Lavender-Rose Bath

The sweet scents of lavender and rose are known to calm and soothe edgy nerves. Refer to this simple rose and lavender recipe for a bath that will induce peaceful sleep.

4Rose Recipe

Who doesn’t love roses? Its natural perfume is sensuous and romantic, while its beautifying properties have been known since the ancient Egyptian times. Use this DIY recipe to brighten up your skin.

5Bubble Bath

This bubble bath recipe will wash your worries away with luscious dandelion, chamomile, and rose blossoms. Its milk essence will moisturize your skin, and the bubbles will create a relaxing, playful mood.