football flower vases

If you’re a fan of football or have someone in your family who is, then you know September is the start of a much anticipated time of the year. With football season just a few weeks away, you may already be brainstorming football party ideas you can carry out this season.

While game day grub is mandatory, you can also add some festive football decor with this DIY football flower vase. This DIY project is inexpensive, easy, and will definitely be a conversation piece at your party.

football flower vase

To carry out this DIY project, you only need a few things:

  • A football
  • A vase
  • Fresh or faux flowers

If you don’t have an old football lying around in the garage, you can visit a thrift store or dollar store to purchase one. The cheaper the football is, the better it is since the leather is typically thinner and easier to cut through.

You can also find the vase at a dollar store if you don’t have one. A cylinder vase works best for this project.

To put this DIY project together, simply follow these steps:

  1.  Place the rim of your vase over one end of the football and trace a line around the rim. Cut along this line, effectively removing one end of the football.
  2. Flip the football over and cut off a piece from the opposite end of the football in a similar fashion (this will help create a flat base for the football to rest on). If your football has a rubber lining inside, remove the lining.
  3. Place your cylinder vase inside the football. Fill the vase with water if using fresh flowers. Place the flowers inside the vase.

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