Fun Family-Friendly Activities for the Fall

As we inch toward fall, it is time to start planning fun activities for the entire family before the weather gets too cold. Fall offers ample opportunities for families to spend time together while visiting exciting places and doing fun things. Here are our top family-friendly fall activities.

1. Go Apple/Pear Picking

The next couple of months might see various apple and pear orchards opening their gates to the public for fruit picking. With the popular concept of “U-Pick” farms all over the nation, you and your kids can spend a whole day picking, tasting and gathering crisp apples and ripe pears, which you can then bake into pies, cobblers and more.

2. Light Up a Bonfire

With the days getting shorter and cooler, a bonfire might be the perfect way for the family to gather around and chat after a busy workweek. While the children can toast marshmallows, the adults can relax and maybe enjoy a glass of wine.

3. Deck the Porch

Come up with creative ideas and combine them with the abundant fall decor and crafting supplies available in the stores to deck your porch in time for fall.

4. Visit a Fall Carnival

Many cities have fall carnivals featuring games, stalls and, of course, lots of food to munch on. So spend a day with your family exploring local specialties, beautiful crafts and exciting rides.

5. Cook With the Apples You Picked

Apples are a versatile fruit and if your whole family picked a bag of fruit each, you’ll have enough apples to experiment with delicious recipes like apple pie, cider, cakes, caramel apples and so much more.

6. Build a Scarecrow

Get creative and help the kids build a scarecrow that can be displayed with the rest of the fall decor on the porch. All you would need are an old shirt, light-colored fabric for the face, a pair of jeans/pants, a hat, some newspaper for stuffing the body and accessories like safety pins, twine, marker pens and some hay to complete the look.

7. Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Many local farms organize pumpkin patches, hay rides, horse-back rides and corn mazes during this season. Pick a farm that has enough activities for the kids to enjoy and spend a day picking out your Halloween pumpkin and other gourds for cooking and crafting.

8. Carve a Pumpkin or Two

Once you have the perfect pumpkin(s) for Halloween, find haunting designs and carve out scary looking Jack O’ Lanterns to adorn your porch just in time for the little Trick or Treaters.

9. Design DIY Halloween Costumes

Kids love Halloween, so make it special for them by creating unique DIY costumes. While many in your community choose to be Anna, Elsa or one of the superheroes, your kids can stand out with their custom-designed costumes.

10. Make Halloween Treats and Crafts

Throw a Halloween party for friends and family or invite your kids’ friends, deck your home with handmade Halloween crafts and cook up some bewitchingly good treats that the kids will love.


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