Genius Packing Tips For Individuals Who Travel All The Time

If you’re usually in a new city every week, then you’ve entered the life of living out of a suitcase. Whether it’s because of your work or because you simply can’t stay put in one place, there’s no denying that travel is a part of your lifestyle, which means packing is a part of your regular schedule.

Packing can be a burden, but if you’re on a plane more often than not, it’s time to become a packing pro and get ahead of the game with your packing routine.

Packing Hacks for Individuals Who Travel Frequently

The following hacks will help you master the art of packing the right clothes, toiletries and accessories in the most efficient way. You’ll become so good at it that you’ll never have the feeling of forgetting something ever again.

Keep a bag ready with all your basics

When you know you’re going to spend your time traveling all year round, it might be helpful to keep a small bag of all your necessary items ready to be tossed into your suitcase. Maybe even invest in an extra toothbrush and other toiletries to have on hand to make sure you don’t forget any of the essentials.

Packing cubes are a lifesaver

Packing cubes can allow you to separate your clothes and pack them in a more compact and clean way in your suitcase. Having them organized can help you pull out what you need without having to scrounge around for them in your suitcase.

Pack shoes that can be worn with multiple outfits

Try to pack a versatile pair of shoes that goes with most of your outfits and maybe even at the gym. Sneakers can be bulky to pack, but many have become a popular shoe to strut in, so wearing them on the plane can help lighten your load and give you more room in your suitcase.

Bulky clothing hack

Wear your bulkiest clothing on the plane to avoid taking up all the space in your suitcase or carry on. This means you might have to plan your outfits ahead, which will further benefit you on your travel days.

Pack powdered detergent

Spending so much time away from home will require you to wash your clothes at some point. That’s why it might be smart to pack a small bag of powdered detergent and wash your clothes whenever you need to. Washing your clothes can also save you some extra room in your suitcase and help you avoid shopping too much while traveling.

Rolling to save space

Here’s a new idea — roll your clothes instead of folding them. This genius hack will actually take up less space and give you more room for other essential items. Another pro-tip is to remove half of what you’ve packed because chances are, you’re not going to ever use them.

Jeans are the way to go

Everyone has a favorite pair of jeans that they can’t live without. If that’s the case, no matter how heavy or bulky they may be, pack them. You are definitely going to end up wearing these jeans more than you think, which means you can remove the other pairs of pants you’ve packed that you’ll never wear.

Pack a change of clothes in your carry on

If you are checking in a suitcase, this is a must. Luggage gets lost very often and the last thing you want is to be stuck without any clothes. Additionally, if you have an important meeting or event the next day, it might be a good idea to pack the clothes you are going to wear that day in your carry on.

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