humidifier remedies

Q: Is there a more energy saving way to keep the air moist in the winter than using a humidifier?
A: Keeping the air moist in the winter can help prevent colds and flu by keeping your mucus membranes in good working order. Plus, there’ll be less dust in your home, less static cling, and your skin won’t dry out.

Here are some easy ways to keep the air in your home moist this winter:

  • Fill up a big pot with water and bring to boil on your stovetop. Add cinnamon sticks, or pumpkin pie spices or mint leaves, and simmer slowly.
  • This will add moisture as well as a wonderful scent of natural fragrance. (Synthetic fragrances can contain up to 100 different chemicals which can impact your hormones and can be a trigger for migraine headaches and asthma.)
  • Take a hot bath instead of a shower. After you get out of the bath you can leave the water in the tub until it cools, adding moisture to your bathroom for a long time.
  • The water doesn’t have to be hot to add moisture to a room. Fill up some bowls of cold water and place floating candles or the tops of flowers in the bowls.
  • If you do catch cold, place a bowl or pan of hot water on the table and place a towel over your head to trap the moist air and breathe the mist from it several times a day.

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