With Mother’s Day just a few days away, we should all consider one of the most valuable and precious gifts we can give: time. And time with their children is what most mothers want more than anything. So in lieu of flowers or another Mother’s Day staple, why not consider some Mom & Me Time? Here are a few ways to do it:

1. A weekend getaway
If you and your mom are the spontaneous types, why not plan a last-minute getaway weekend? And when thinking of locations, don’t limit your options to air travel; there are plenty of wonderful places within driving distance. One year, my Mom and I made a weekend out of one of her business trips to Florida. I flew in right around the time her conference ended on Friday afternoon and, once she was off the clock, we had an entire weekend set aside for fun. Swimming. Sightseeing. Sunset cocktails.

2. Make a day of it
If a getaway weekend isn’t in the cards, consider a day trip. Think of things that your mom enjoys like spa treatments, playing a round of golf, or maybe she’s a biking enthusiast. You can also consider picking a destination instead of an activity. There could be an old historic estate worth touring within an hour’s drive. Just because a place is close doesn’t mean it won’t be an adventure. My Mom always enjoys visiting her local botanical garden, even though she’s been more times than she can count.

3. Make a morning (or evening) of it

Have a hectic schedule? Your lengthy “to do” list might make it tough to set aside an entire weekend for mom, but we can all carve out an hour or two. Consider a morning, afternoon or evening with mom. You two could go for a morning brunch and mani/pedi, or dinner and a movie. If you’re tight on time and money, consider a hike or walk, or bring your own picnic lunch to a local park.

4. Plan something special together
While Mom & Me Time could be perfect for Mother’s Day, the trip or activity itself doesn’t necessarily need to fall on the exact holiday weekend. Instead, you could always suggest something this Mother’s Day and have fun planning it together with your mom over the next few days, weeks or months.

Spending special time with your mother – whatever season, month or weekend – will do more than just make her happy. It is a great way to catch up on your mutual lives (if you’re not in touch regularly) or even get her opinion on something that’s been troubling you. Although I talk with my mother almost every day, spending physical time with her gives me something that the phone, iPad, or internet could never do. Remember that you don’t need to travel long distances or go above and beyond to make your mom feel special. It’s your company that will make her day.


Dulcy Gregory is a freelance writer based in Aspen, Colorado, with a knack for balancing creativity and organization. She learned everything there is to know about spas, well-being and how to live (and travel) well in six years of work for one of the world’s largest spa and wellness media companies, SpaFinder Wellness. Believing in writing as both a personal and professional passion, Dulcy enrolled in and graduated from a Master’s degree program in Creative Writing at the New School in 2012. She is an avid Vinyasa yoga student and considers kale one of the best foods on the planet. Follow Dulcy on her blog, D.A.G.