From the first-ever decorated fir in Latvia in 1510 to 3D printed pines released in 2014, Christmas trees are now widespread and customary around the world. You don’t quite feel the holiday cheer until you erect your very own Christmas tree, which is likely to be the centerpiece of your living room. So make sure you keep it looking fresh and beautiful. While the faux trees may not pose as much of a problem, the evergreens require more attention. After all, you don’t want the pine needles shedding all over your gifts. Following these simple steps will help keep your tree green all month.

1. Place It In Water
The Christmas tree is like a giant flower—without water it will wither away. You must ensure that you place it in water immediately after purchase. If you pick one that’s not freshly cut, saw off an inch from the bottom before you put the tree in water. This will open up the pores and help the tree absorb water faster. If the base has dried out, go ahead and cut a bigger chunk from the bottom.

2. Use A Large Stand
A typical tree absorbs about a quart of water for each inch of its diameter. This means you will have to use a stand that holds at least a gallon of water. You will have to refill the water daily. Never allow the water level to go below the base of the tree. Mid-way through the month if you notice that your tree isn’t absorbing enough water, use hot water for a day to improve the uptake. Many people drill holes at the base of the tree to increase its water absorption; let’s just break it to you that this does not work.

3. Additives Help
Additives like corn syrup, aspirin, sugar, bleach and flower preservatives could be used to enhance the shelf-life of the tree. To a cup of corn syrup, add 3tbsp of liquid bleach and add this solution to a gallon on water. The bleach will help eliminate the sticky pitch and allow the tree to take in more water. The corn syrup will act as a simply carbohydrate food source.

4. Avoid Direct Sunlight
Choose a spot in your living room that does not face the sunlight. Direct light could cause the tree to fade faster, stripping off that beautiful, glossy green. Keeping it too close to heat sources like the fireplace, radiator, heat vents or even your television set could cause it to dry out sooner. You rather pick a quiet corner away from the heat or sunlight.

5. Pick Lights Wisely
The lights that you put up on the tree can impact its shelf-life, too. Avoid the ones that heat up quickly, use low-voltage LED lights instead. These not only remain cool but also consume less energy. The National Christmas Tree Association also recommends you switch off the light at night or when you go out to reduce the heat exposure. With all that said, don’t be disheartened if your tree sheds a few pine needles or loses some color. If you practice all the above mentioned precautionary measures, the tree will survive the season and continue spreading holiday cheer.

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