It’s the beginning of the year—a chance for you to redeem yourself and fix your life. Be it fitness, getting a job, traveling more, or kicking the butt, sticking to a resolution is never easy. That’s where your smartphone comes in. This little device can host apps that help you keep your resolution, constantly reminding you about the promises you made. Use them to prioritize your goals, manage your time better, keep a check on the progress, and stay motivated to finish strong.

1. 43 Things (iOS, Free)
Hitting a goal becomes so much easier when you have the support of other people. This app helps you create a list of your resolutions, and shares it on your social networking site. You can set how many times you want to be reminded of your goals. Each time you add a new goal, you will be notified about the friends who have the same goal and their progress as well. Along the way, your friends could motivate you and keep you on track.

2. Joe’s Goals (iOS, Free)
This goal-tracking app allows you to list your tasks for the day and update the status by checking them off. Each checked item adds up to your total score at the end of the day, thus defining your progress. The score is likely to motivate you to do better, and pull a bigger number the following day.

3. GoalsOnTrack (iOS & Android, $68 Per Year)
If you are looking for a detailed guide to meet your targets, this is it. GoalsOnTrack makes your plan more manageable by dividing it into smaller chunks. You can add tasks, set deadlines and mark them off once done. You can also set a motivational picture for  each individual goal. Still not helping? You could ask for a refund within 60 days of purchase.

4. 42 Goals (iOS & Android, Free)
Similar to Joe’s Goals in its layout, this app provides you with a number of icons to customize your track board. In addition, you can see a visual analysis of your progress. If you need advanced functions such as email support and timer, upgrade the app for $45 per month.

5. Mindbloom (iOS & Android, Free)
What if your year could be summed up in a tree-like diagram? Mindbloom lets you do just that. It lets you have a small tree made up of your tasks, and reminds you to complete them in order to ‘grow your tree’. You could also access motivational pictures and songs in its library.

6. (iOS & Android, Free)
This powerful app will help you make or break a habit. Here, you have to create a chain for any habit you want to develop or give up, and mark the tasks on that chain once you complete them. The more work you finish, the longer the chain gets. You can also make chains in the form of groups, for community support.

7. Weekplan (iOS & Android, Free)
Get it done in a week. With this app, you must finish all your tasks in seven days. You can put certain tasks on a priority basis by marking them urgent, and also select the days you don’t want to work on. In addition, you get access to a statistical representation of your tasks, your success rate and your weekly progress.

8. Social Workout (iOS & Android, Free)
Here’s one for a group fitness challenge. Using this app, challenge a group of friends or colleagues, and this app will track and compare the progress of all the members. Clearly, it operates on peer motivational techniques. It integrates with your Facebook account and keeps you motivated by sending witty emails.

With a little help from these apps, you can stay true to your resolution this year.

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