One of the biggest music and arts festivals of the year, Coachella is doing its bit to create cultural impact. Sure, it has sparked off some controversial trends, but the others are mostly well-intended. One such initiative at this year’s Coachella fest is the TRASHed recycling store (also called, 10 for 1 Bottle Exchange).

Run by Global Inheritance, this recycle drive comes with its own set of perks. You must round up empty water bottles, cans or biodegradable cups you find around the Empire Polo Grounds, and deposit them at the TRASHed recycling store, to swap them for fun merchandise including tees, posters, sweatshirts, Ferris wheel tickets, VIP upgrades and more. This is a great incentive for people to keep the festival grounds and the camping areas clean.


This year will also see bins designed and painted by artists at the fest, which will encourage people to recycle and trash responsibly. Drawing inspiration from  the fest, you could put your family and kids into the habit of recycling at home as well. Follow these simple steps:

  • Reduce: To reduce the waste you produce, opt for products with less packing or things that can be reused. Even when it comes to water and electricity, remember to reduce your usage and wastage.
  • Reuse: Instead of throwing things away, figure out ways to re-purpose them. Plastic containers, cloth sacks, cans, shoe boxes can all be put to use, with a little creativity. Here’s a guide that shows you how to reuse tin cans and egg cartons.
  • Recycle: For the things you can’t reuse, learn how to recycle them. Separate bags, cans, and cartons from your regular trash, and stock them together to give away at recycling centers. You could refer to websites like, to locate the closest recycling center around you.
  • When you’re buying goods, consciously remember to pick products that contain recycled materials.
  • Learn to repair whatever can be fixed, instead of trashing it for newer products.
  • You can also use biodegradable waste including paper, food and green waste as compost in your garden, or flower beds.

If each of us makes a small effort by recycling at home, together we can contribute to a big difference.

Image Source: Global Inheritance/flickr

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