Recount the amount of papers you come across each day, and how you mindlessly toss them in your bin. If you had to gather all the newspapers, scrap papers, junk mail, flyers, and printouts for the week, you’d have enough to build yourself a giant piñata or two, at least.

But here’s the thing: paper need not be a one-time-use commodity. You can modify it for various purposes. With a little consideration and recycling, you can put it to better use and reduce your waste. We share some tips to do it creatively:

1. Make Cage Liners: Whether you need to line your bird cage or make some shredding for your hamsters bedding, don’t  look for new paper. Simply use up yesterday’s newspaper or your junk mail to do it.

2. Make Writing Pads: Collects all the printouts for the day that you don’t need anymore, and cut them into quarters or halves with their bare sides facing front. Stack them together and clip them up with a binder, and use your very own DIY notepad to take notes, or doodle through the day.

3. Make A Papier Mâché Piñata: We weren’t joking when we said you could use all your scrap paper to make a piñata. Craft a simple papier mâché ball, or a fancy-shaped piñata, and fill it with candy. Try it for your little munchkin’s next birthday party; all the kids will love it.

4. Make Garden Mulch: Pick papers (especially newspaper) with non-toxic print and cut them into thin strips, then layer them around your plants to prevent weeds and keep the soil moist. As the newspaper breaks down over time, it will enrich the soil further.

5. Wrap Gifts: It may sound a little cliché to use newspapers to wrap gifts, but it is actually a great idea. Not only will your gift be environment-friendly, but you can get creative when you do so. Pick funny pictures or caricatures for the wrapping. You can also add a cute ribbon or card to complete the look of your wrapping.

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