When it comes to your home, there’s always more than what meets the eye. Your neat and well-organized home could be swarming with nasty germs that could make you sick.

That’s because cleanliness is often limited to the aesthetics. If it looks good on the outside, it might just be good from the inside. But it leaves out those tiny nooks and crevices where the dust is settled, or where the germs are hidden. So what are the neglected areas that could use some extra care? Check these places and clean them up, to prevent any possible health hazards:

1. In & Around The Furniture: While we tend to wipe and polish the front side of tables and chairs on a daily basis, the inside or the smaller crevices are often left unattended for years together. Look out for the bottom of the tables and the back of the couch, where dust usually settles. Make it a habit to check and clean these areas regularly.

2. Switchboards: They might not look dirty, but switchboards are the ideal place for germ deposits, as several people touch them regularly. Use anti-bacterial wipes to clean them down.

3. Kitchen Cabinets: Even if you clean your kitchen cabinets every now and then, don’t miss the top section. The dirt and the oil fumes make it greasy, thus attracting germs.

4. Pots & Paintings: Those fancy canvases and pots that beautify your home occupy a lot of surface that is not cleaned very often. They gather dust very easily. It is important to clean them, which will also help maintain their original color.

5. Sink: We scrub our sinks with such care, but forget to wash the undersides that become a shelter to nasty germs and bacteria.

6. Lights: The brightness makes the dirt unnoticeable, but the dirt’s still settled on the surface of your lamps and lights. Wipe it down regularly.

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