The Jack-o-lanterns, orange and black lights, ghouls and spiders are all too common. This Halloween, spook up your home with unique DIYs that don’t cost a fortune.

We give you five cool ideas to decorate your home and get those spooks on.

1. Who’s At The Window?
A mysterious man at the window is enough to give your neighbors the chills. Cut out a human form using a cardboard and hang it at your window. Now place a floor lamp directly behind it, such that it faces out the window, and switch it on at night. The silhouette effect will make it appear like someone’s staring right at you in the dead of the night. Brrr….

2. Creepy Lamp Shades
Cut out figures from black paper, such as bats, skeleton arms, fingers, and such and stick them to the insides of your lamp shades. Switch them on at night to bring the creepy figures to life.

3. Willowy Boarded Windows
Use small planks of wood to board up your windows from the outside. Use glue instead of running nails through them, so that you can take them out easily after Halloween. Tease out lots of cotton wool and hang it over the boards to make it look like cobwebs. Better still, stick one of those cardboard human cutouts or a skeleton decor piece on the planks to finish the eerie look.

4. Floating Ghosts
Fill up a few balloons with helium and tie at the end with a rope. Place it on the ground in your garden or right outside your main door so that the rope is secure on the surface and the balloon stays in place. Take an old white sheet and cut off its edges with a scissor to give your ghost a spooky, battered feel. Place the sheet over the balloon. Cut out eyes and a mouth from black paper and stick it on the sheet. Light up your floating ghost using a backlight.

5. The Headless Victim
Stuff a pair of old clothes, such as a shirt and jeans, with straw or rags. Attach a pair of worn out shoes to the’feet’ of this structure. Place the figure next to your garage door or at your porch steps. Splatter red colored liquid at its ‘head’ to make it appear like a decapitated human body.

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