You might have access to the best pet food in town, but if your dog still throws up and eliminates it from his/her system, there’s reason to worry. Although this isn’t necessarily an indication of ill health or disease, you need to fix it immediately.

In order to do so, you must first understand why this happens. We share two possible reasons that could be making your precious pooch sick, and tell you how to make it right.

1. Transitioning
Sometimes, when you introduce a new food item to your dog, the transition may be too sudden, especially if your dog loves it and ends up eating a lot of it. The sudden change in taste and ingredients, and the sudden rush of too much food, can end up making your dog throw up, either immediately after eating, or in a while.

How To Fix It: Mix the new food in small amounts with the regular food that your dog eats. Gradually increase the amount of the new food and finally, introduce it on its own. Make sure you give at least a seven day period to your dog to adjust to the new food.

2. Regurgitation
Regurgitation is when your dog swallows the food instead of chewing it, and ends up bringing it all back up soon. In most cases, your dog may show signs of regurgitation when you give them something to eat that they really love, or if you have other pets in the house and your dog is trying to compete with them in finishing off food first. As a result, your dog may end up swallowing the food instead of properly chewing, and also gulp down a lot of air, which eventually makes him/her sick.

How To Fix It: Give your dog smaller portions instead of giving the full meal at once. Place the food in a wide dish instead of a deep one, so that the food will be evenly distributed and your dog will not end up gobbling up too much, too soon.

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