Eating at home gives you the luxury of picking a comfortable spot: be it the dinner table, the couch, or your bed! But eating at your desk at work could be a very uncomfortable and messy affair.

Not only must you play up your manners while you eat, you also need to ensure that the food stays fresh. If you get crumbs all over your desk and keyboard, you could be inviting bacteria and causing an unhealthy environment. All of this can be avoided with some clever food hacks. Watch the video and learn how to keep it clean and healthy:

Now that you know how to eat smartly, it’s also important that you pay attention to what you eat. There’s something about intense concentration that just makes you hungry. If you want to allay those hunger pangs but avoid stuffing your face with junk food, plan ahead and stock up on these healthy snacks at work. Just remember not to go overboard, and eat only a little of these at a time. Right from nuts, to crispbreads, to canned foods, here is a handy guide to eating right when at work.

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