Q: Is there an all-natural cleaner (or homemade fix) you recommend for cleaning my shower? The fumes from Tilex can be too harsh.
A: I love to clean with three, natural, easy-to-find, inexpensive items: white vinegar (removes odors), hydrogen peroxide (mild bleaching agent) and baking soda (deodorizes, has anti-fungal and antiseptic properties, and removes stains). I also like to add essential oils like lemon, eucalyptus, lavender and tea tree. When buying essential oils look for “100% essential oil” and not “fragrance oil” which is made from synthetic chemicals. Also, please avoid products containing ammonia, chlorine, or petroleum-based chemicals as these can cause respiratory irritation, headaches and other health problems.

My tips:

  • Make your own cleaner: Mix 1/2 cup vinegar and 1/4 cup baking soda into 1/2 gallon water. Pour into a spray bottle (save the rest for later). Use to remove water stains on shower stalls, bathroom chrome fixtures, windows, bathroom mirrors, etc.
  • For simple cleaning, rub in baking soda with a damp sponge and rinse with fresh water.
  • For bathroom mold: Mix one part hydrogen peroxide (3%) with two parts water in a spray bottle and spray on areas with mold. Wait at least one hour before rinsing or using shower.
  • Seventh Generation makes a great nontoxic natural shower cleaner.
Beth Greer, aka Super Natural Mom®, is an award-winning journalist, green holistic health educator, healthy home expert and impassioned champion of toxin-free living. She’s also a radio talk show host, and trusted consumer advocate, who is leading a movement of awareness and responsibility about healthy homes, schools and work environments. Connect with Beth on Facebook and Twitter.