While you lay out a grand dinner course for the holidays, don’t forget about your furry pals. Sitting by the table and sniffing the food, they look at you with those pleading eyes and you’re tempted to offer them a bite (or two). Stop and think for a moment. The most delectable cut of meat on the table may prove to be hazardous for your pet.

According to Petplan, a national insurance company for pets, there is a significant spike in food-related illnesses in animals during the holiday season. To avoid any mishaps, go through our list of holiday staples that you must keep away from your dog.

1. Turkey Or Chicken Skin
It is perfectly alright to feed your pet small pieces of roasted turkey or chicken, but don’t offer them the skins. These skins are usually very fatty and are seasoned with strong flavors like sage, onion, chives and garlic that animals aren’t used to. Feeding them skins could trigger gastrointestinal irritations with severe symptoms like indigestion, vomiting, diarrhea and fatigue.

2. Turkey Bones
Ironic as it may be, your dogs should never be given turkey bones—cooked or otherwise. Bird bones are usually lightweight and can splinter easily while chewing. This could cause severe mouth or throat injuries. If swallowed, chipped bones could hurt the digestive track, too.

3. Chocolate & Cocoa
Chocolate desserts taste delicious to the human palate, but could spell trouble for your canine. Chocolate and cocoa contain a chemical called theobromine, which could prove to be harmful, even fatal. This chemical is metabolized very slowly in dogs as compared to humans and stays in their bodies for days. It causes vomiting, diarrhea and, in some cases, cardiac arrest, so keep it away from your pet at all times.

4. Mashed Potatoes, Stuffing Or Gravy
Most holiday recipes for mashed potatoes, stuffing and gravies are loaded with ingredients like mushrooms, onions, sage, leeks, chives, garlic, scallions, pepper and several spices. The mixture of these ingredients is absolutely toxic for your pets and could make them restless and tetchy.

5. Grapes, Raisins & Currents
Sweet treats like fruitcake, puddings and pies often contain grapes, raisins or currants. These otherwise healthy foods should never be fed to the pooch. They are harmful for your pet and could cause severe kidney problems, if consumed.

If your pet is family, make them part of the holiday celebrations by preparing a special treat comprising salmon, tuna, deboned turkey or salt-free chicken broth.

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