The arrival of each new season is a good time to do some basic checks on the home front—to make sure it stays in good shape for the coming months.

As summer fades off, it’s now time to start getting your home ready for the upcoming fall season.

Here are five checks you should make around the house to keep it fall-ready.

  1. Check Your Drains & Roofs For Debris

During the relaxing summer months you probably didn’t give much thought to your roof or drains, but with fall approaching, make sure you remove all debris such as leaves, dirt or any loose pieces, and also check for any areas that can cause a leak or a blockage.

  1. Clear The Grounds & Driveways

Fall will soon give way to winter and before you know it, your driveway and grounds will be covered in snow and sleet. Make sure to do a thorough check for any cracks or loose pieces of tiles or stones that could make you trip.

  1. Get The Fireplace Ready

You missed the fireplace for so long—it is probably missing you too. Prepare your fireplace by clearing out old ash that may still be there, and by opening the damper to make air flow better. If the weather is already cool, clean the damper and close it again.

  1. Set Up Your Hot Water Heater

If you get hard water in your area, it can lead to a buildup of sediments that can block the tank and cause it to rust. Drain the water and check the tank for any signs of damage or rust and get a replacement if required.

  1. Check All Weather Stripping

Your weather stripping can get worn out with years of use, so make sure you do a thorough check around all the doors and windows. If it looks fine, but you still feel some air passing through, see if it is properly installed. In case the stripping is cracked or worn, replace it right away.

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