If you have pets, you know that they would sniff almost anything in their reach. There are many ornamental and air-purifying plants that are poisonous if ingested. With your pets’ health in mind, it’s important that you pick the right plants for your home:

  1. Fuchsia: This delicate plant, with dual-colored flowers, is attractive as well as safe for the pet. Hang it in semi-sunny areas of the house, and don’t water it excessively.
  2. Lady Palm: Easy to grow, lady palm grows into large and thick patterned leaves. It is tolerant to any temperature and does not need much of sunlight.
  3. Gardenia: With its dark green glossy leaves and fragrant white flowers, Gardenia grows in a round shape. Don’t keep it near walls, as that can hamper its growth.
  4. Boston Fern: This plant has tough and graceful fonds with tiny leaves. Be sure to water it well, and keep it away from direct sunlight.
  5. Cast Iron Plant: This leathery house plant takes a considerably longer time to grow, but is tolerable to all climates and soils. And it’s safe to have around if you have pets.

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