So you were busy stocking up your fridge with all those citrus fruits, juices and fresh ingredients that made beating the heat that much more fun. But now that there is a shift in the weather and the air is getting cooler, it’s time to make some changes in your fridge too.

Here are some tips to give your fridge a fall makeover:

  1. Assign A Cleaning Day

You’ll need to assign a dedicated day to make the switch from summer to fall, so make sure you plan it out. Ideally, do it before the day you will head out to do most of your grocery shopping, as your fridge will have enough space to restock.

Tip: Make a homemade fridge cleaning solution by mixing 3 cups water, ½ cup lemon juice and 1 tbsp baking soda.

  1. Keep Some, Throw Some

Hoarding is addictive, but the whole idea behind a cleanup is to throw out what is not essential. Take out every single item from your fridge and sort it based on what you feel is useful for fall, and what you feel will get pushed to the back of the fridge in the coming days. Go through your sauces and condiments as well as any packaged goods that you have, and throw out anything that is over its expiry, or does not look fresh.

Tip: Stock up on more fall-based ingredients such as cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin, marshmallows (for hot cocoa), and apple cider.

  1. Check The Temperature

While it was summer, you probably turned on the temperature of your fridge to a high. Now that the cold is setting in, you must turn it back down to a lower temperature to avoid the regular part of your fridge from getting too frosty.

Tip: Check your freezer for any ice buildup and give it a thorough cleaning after defrosting.

  1. Prepare A Fresh List Of To-Get

As you sit down to clean your fridge, keep jotting down everything you are putting back into your fridge. It will help you plan your grocery list better when you create it for the new purchase. Avoiding unnecessary shopping means saving a few bucks.

Tip: Stick a note on the fridge and keep adding items as you empty something that you need to repurchase, and you have your shopping list ready to go.

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