Don’t throw old egg boxes away. Check out these five creative ways to reuse and re-purpose them:

  • Sound Baffle: Egg cartons are great sound insulators. If you want to sound-proof a room, try creating your own soundproof panel by gluing the cartons with foam.
  • Seed Starter: Egg cartons are a good way of getting your seeds to germinate before planting them in the garden. They are biodegradable, so transferring them later will not be a problem. Just plant one seed in each compartment and cover it with soil.
  • Winterize The Dog House: The sturdy nature of these crates makes them potential cold-repellent sheets. Cut and paste them in your dog house to stop cold drafts from getting in.
  • A Protective Sheet For Fragile Goods: Cover your fragile goods in bubble-wrap, and line the inside of the box with egg crates, as an additional protective sheet.
  • Multipurpose Box: Clean and paint an egg carton, and use it as a box to store small items such as pins, rings, beads, and buttons, which easily get misplaced.

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