Q: Do you have any suggestions for buying or making eco-friendly party favors for toddlers and pre-schoolers? I hate using throw away party favors at my 4 and 8 year-olds’ birthdays parties but feel like it’s expected by the kids and their parents.
A: Cheap plastic party favors are not only a waste of money, but don’t help our overflowing landfills. However, there are so many great ideas that you can incorporate into your party instead. One project I love is to bring a craft into the party setting that will serve as a take-away for the kids. Whether it’s painting a flower pot or making a holiday ornament, you can provide an activity that the kids can do during the party and bring back home with them. If a craft doesn’t fit into your setting or schedule, you can send the kids home with a bag of seeds and a small pot, crayons and paper, or a set of fun cookie cutters to bake with instead. These will not only provide much more enjoyment for all but will be easier on the environment!

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