Q: How can I get my two year old on a more routine eating schedule?
A: High energy toddlers tend to eat on the run and are hard to contain for sit down meals, which is very normal at this age.  Frequent healthy snacks and meals will help them grow and develop and ensure that they are getting the calories that they need.

Establishing rituals for mealtimes may help bring kids to the table, but mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks will likely be part of your routine for some time.  Young children thrive on routines and setting mealtime traditions can help build your schedule.  Even at an early age, you can involve your child in the cooking process and meal preparation.

Creating time to connect with your family, playing music, or adding a special decoration to the table (placemats for meals, flowers) can help set an important family mealtime routine that will build more than good eating habit, but strong family bonds for everyone!

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