Sure, your pet pooch is a source of absolute joy in your life, but there’s no arguing that taking care of them is a full-time job. To make dog parenting a little easier, we bring you these quick, yet genius hacks that will ensure your best friend is well-kept and healthy.

Hack #1: To Improve Bad Breath
Who doesn’t enjoy those sloppy kisses from your dog? But it can get a tad bit uncomfortable when his breath smells like last night’s dinner! To fix his breath, simply chop some parsley and add it to his food. This herb will neutralize the bad odor.

Hack #2: To Prevent Chapping Of Paws
To prevent your dog’s paws from chapping or drying too much, apply some petroleum jelly to them. Massage a good layer on to your pets paws, especially before you step out for a walk. Always test products on a small patch, for a smaller duration, before using them regularly.

Hack #3: To Get Rid Of Ticks & Fleas
Sometimes, even the cleanest of dogs are prone to ticks and fleas. These little pests lodge themselves in the dog’s coat and irritate them. A quick fix: just mix some apple cider vinegar with some warm water, and apply it to your pet’s fur regularly. This will not only get rid of existing pests, it will also keep them from coming back.

Hack #4: To Lure Them If They Run Loose
Every dog gets hyper when you take them for a walk and if they manage to free themselves, there’s just no stopping them. Chasing will only cause them to run further. Instead, lie down and pretend you’re in pain, and your dog will instantly come back to check on you. Another trick is to run in the opposite direction; this will  cause your pet to chase after you instead of the other way round.

Hack #5: To Keep Them Cool In Summer
You’re not the only one who feels the smoldering summer heat, your best friend can feel it too. To make them a cool treat, freeze some chicken broth with a piece or two of chicken or veggies, and allow them to lick on it. We’re sure your dog will enjoy this yummy popsicle.

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