We’ve all heard of the seven-year itch, but if a new study is to be believed, couples who are nearing the four-year mark in their relationships, could start to lose interest in each other. This in turn, directly impacts their attraction towards each other and their sex drive.

The survey revealed that a whopping 31 percent of men, as well as 18 percent of women confided and confirmed that they were “sexually dissatisfied” with their partner, after having completed four years of togetherness.

This crunch was mostly attributed to external factors, such as having children and being too busy looking after them, being at the peak of one’s career, dealing with medical issues, or coping with depression, all of which affected their libidos. It resulted in sex being pushed to the bottom of their priorities. To have a healthy sexual relationship, it is important that couples continue pursuing their hobbies and common interests together.

Source: ANI

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