You planned to have a summer vegetable garden, but time flew by and you didn’t get it started. Now that it’s July, you have a bit of time and are ready. Unfortunately, it’s too late to start your summer garden; it should have been planted weeks ago. But don’t lose heart, because this is the perfect time to start preparing for your fall garden.

One of the best things about gardening is that there is always next season, but you have to be ready for it in advance. There is no need to come up with an entire plan right now. Let’s just come up with a simple first step that will help to get you started, so when July and August roll around, you have already started to take steps in the right direction.

Come middle of the fall, when you are harvesting your veggies that you started planning today, you will be thankful.

Getting Started
To take that first step, use my Veggie Virgin Formula to figure out what you can plant in the summer month. The Veggie Virgin Formula is a simple 4-step process that makes gardening simple.

Step 1: Enter your zip code. That will determine your USDA hardiness zone.
Step 2: Download your planting chart based on your hardiness zone.
Step 3: Determine how much sunlight your space gets.
Step 4: Follow the basic rule of what grows well in the sun and shade.

Take action now, so that your fall garden reaps great results.

Feeling Overwhelmed?
If all of this feels too overwhelming and you have fear of killing your plants, check out my Fall Gardening 101 online training course. In it, I will walk you through the step-by-step process of starting your fall garden.

Gardening is a great, natural way to enhance the quality of your life. Apart from reaping the benefits of fresh air and homegrown produce, it is believed that plants and gardening can be as therapeutic as meditation. Pruning and nurturing plants could keep you active and refresh your mind. Involve your kids in the gardening process to spend some quality time with them.

Whether your thumb is black or green, you can take action now to get your fall garden to bloom.

About The Author
Mike Lieberman is the publisher of where he shows people with little to no land how to start growing their own food so they can avoid toxic pesticides, eat healthier, and not feel limited by their lack of experience and space.

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