Banana: The phallic-shaped banana can trigger the testosterone, and can also provide vitamin B and potassium, leaving you energetic and ready to roll.

You’re most likely to toss them away, but banana peels can actually be useful. Rich in antioxidants, and antibiotic in nature, they have certain enzymatic properties that can be utilized in several ways:

  1. For Wounds: Banana peels serve as an ointment to treat scrapes and minor wounds. They not only promote healing, but also relive pain and inflammation. Rub a peel on the wound, or tape it on overnight.
  2. For Leather & Silver: Rubbing banana peel on your leather shoes or jacket will make it shine, without spoiling the material. Similarly, it polishes silverwares too. Boil the peel in water, and let your silverware sit in the solution for a while before you pull it out and wipe it clean.
  3. For Plants: Rich in vitamins and minerals, banana peels work as a fertilizer. You can put them directly in your garden as they break quickly in soil, or boil them with water and use the solution for watering your house plants.
  4. For Skin: Rubbing banana on your skin will help you get rid of your acne and will also moisten and treat dry skin.
  5. For Depression: Banana peels comprise anti-depressant agents. Juicing and drinking them can help elevate the mood and keep stress at bay.

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