Flowers bring a burst of color and aroma to any dull room. Learn how to keep them fresh for longer.

  • Use A DIY Preservative: For every quart of water, mix two tbsp fresh lemon juice, three to four drops of bleach, along with a tablespoon of sugar (or a quarter cup of clear soda). Bleach and lemon juice are acidic in nature, thus prevent any bacterial or fungal growth. The sugar content replicates the effects of photosynthesis.
  • Refrigerator Your Flowers Overnight: The moment flowers are cut, they start dehydrating. Keeping them cold will slow down their water loss, thus increasing their life span three folds.
  • Snip Them In Water: Cut stems rapidly absorb air, which shrinks the lifespan of the flowers. It is preferable to cut them in water, so there’s no scope for the air to enter the stems.
  • Keep Them Away From Fruits & Other Plants: Other flora give off ethylene gas, which can drastically shorten the life of your blooms.
  • Cut Off The Leaves: Leaves that are submerged encourage bacterial growth in the water, leading to premature wilting of the flowers.

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