The Art of Setting Goals You Can Actually Achieve

Every goal starts with a dream, an aspiration that turns into a dream and can transform into reality. However, the only way we can turn our dreams into a reality is by setting goals you believe are actually attainable because an unattainable goal is nothing but a dream.

Having goals for the things we want to do in life is essential as much as it is a part of being human. It gives us a sense of purpose and a meaning to life that points us in the right direction that we feel is best for us. The quest for achieving our goals may not always be an easy journey, but having goals regardless of the size is a part of what makes life meaningful.

Setting goals is one of the most important things anyone can do to accomplish what they want in life. But in order to accomplish these goals, you must first learn the art of setting goals you can actually achieve.

Step 1: Decide What You Want to Accomplish

Contemplate on what you want to do or work toward. Don’t hesitate if your goal is too big or not big enough because the following steps will make it easier to achieve the things you want in life. Keep in mind that your goal should always be for your own sake and not for the sake of others. This is the time where it’s OK to be selfish.

Step 2: Jot It Down

Research proves that vividly writing your goals down to every detail actually increases the chance of you achieving them. Write down your goals and describe how you will achieve them and when you would plan on achieving them. Make sure you refrain from writing down vague goals, instead, write down your goal to the smallest details and write down your goals in terms of what you want as opposed to things you don’t want. For example, “I want to have a new career,” rather than, “I don’t want a career where I have no time for myself.”

Step 3: Make Sure to Share Your Goals

Sharing your goals with someone you trust will increase the likelihood of you sticking to them because that person will serve as an accountability partner who will hold you accountable to achieving these goals.

Step 4: Break Your Goals Down Into Steps

This specifically applies to the bigger goals because bigger goals tend to be more unclear than smaller ones. An example of a vague, big goal is something like, “I want to start an online business.” With a goal like this, you should break it down into smaller steps that help you achieve your aim. So, a smaller goal would be, “Dedicate an hour to building my website every day.” Having smaller goals makes it easier and more likely to stay on track toward bigger goals.

Step 5: Take the First Step

The most important aspect of achieving your goal is to take the first step in achieving that goal because the first step is the only way of getting started. Don’t be hesitant if you don’t know where to start because a good way of getting started is to research “How to…” Afterward, think of your next step and then the next step after that.

Step 6: Anticipate Disappointments and Persevere Anyway

It’s unfortunate to say, but you are going to be disappointed in life and your goal may not be working out the way you want, but you should always push through. Working toward your goals will be difficult and upsetting, so during times like these, reassess your goal and if you need to make adjustments, then do so. But make sure that adjustments are useful for you reaching your end goal.

Step 7: Don’t Forget to Celebrate

When you finally accomplish your goal, make sure you take the time out to enjoy and actually celebrate it. Now, it’s time to think about your next goal and how you’re going to accomplish it.

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