Introverts Can Succeed In This Extroverted Society Too

We live in a world that is designed for extroverts and if you look around, you’ll notice many people who are extremely sociable, assertive and able to make their way through this complicated maze called life. But does that mean introverts are not successful at this? No, introverts can and are successful on their own merits.

Being an Introvert in an Extroverted Society

The society often labels a shy person as an introvert and a friendly, outgoing individual as an extrovert. But the truth is that people exist over a whole spectrum of behaviors and it is difficult to categorize them with just these traits.

Our society tends to patronize extroverts and even expects children to start manifesting these traits from a very young age. While many parents worry when their child does not show certain developmental traits like playing with others of the same age or talking to everyone they meet, they should realize that the child is probably introverted and requires more time to adapt to social situations.

The pressure to make your presence felt in society is never ending and lasts right through school, college and even in the workplace. The constant pressure can sometimes get to introverted individuals, who are forced to succumb to the pressure and accept being in the background all the time.

Positives of Being an Introvert

There are different types of introverts: some are just shy, some are very nervous and others are quiet and sensitive. Some might even show a combination of all these traits, which make them stand apart from extroverts who form a majority in society: studies show that extroverts make up nearly 50-74 percent of the population.

Most introverts are often mistaken to be shy and reserved, but experts say that the main factor differentiating them from extroverts is their source of energy. While extroverts gather energy from being in the middle of big crowds, introverts get an energy boost from being alone.

Individuals with introverted qualities often have a differently connected brain, which prefers solo time and tends to get drained when in the middle of too much action. Their brains might also require minimal external stimuli to function efficiently, unlike extroverts.

Here are some unique qualities of introverts that often go unnoticed:

Self-Care for Introverts

Even though introverts may have the ability to cope with turbulent situations, a constant competition from extremely extroverted friends, colleagues and family members could push them to the brink of anxiety. So, if you or someone you know is introverted, try some of these self-care tips to survive in this extroverted world:

  • Understand yourself:

It is important to understand your traits in order to adjust to different social situations. Observe traits like your preference to stay in the background and understand a situation before getting involved. Or, observe a person before becoming too friendly and then adapt to different situations accordingly.

  • Don’t feel guilty:

Many often feel guilty because they prefer being alone while their friends have fun at a party, for instance. Learning to not feel guilty and embracing the fact that being alone is what you need to be happy will help deal with the guilt.

  • Assign a role:

If being in a crowd sounds like a scary proposition, assign yourself a role to play at the occasion — become the official photographer, chef or usher to ease yourself into the crowd without the pressure of having to talk to everyone.

  • Express yourself:

Since many introverts are creative and imaginative, find an outlet to express your thoughts and emotions. Be it journaling, blogging or creative writing, find an avenue and stick to it.

  • Don’t pretend:

Faking the traits of an extrovert when you are a hardcore introvert can be difficult, especially at your workplace. So, it is recommended to just be yourself because there are high chances that people will notice your unique traits and accept you for who you are.

Introverts Can Succeed in This Extroverted Society Too

If you are an introvert stuck in a world of loud and assertive extroverts, remember that your uniqueness is equally essential and as long as you can make yourself heard when required, you can be as much or even more successful than the most extroverted person you know.


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