Learn to Mindfully Pause, Recharge and Revive Your Energy

Do you feel completely exhausted after juggling your kids’ schedules, household chores and your own job? You are probably like most other parents unless they know a secret that you don’t. The key to handling today’s packed schedules is to learn how to pause, recharge and revive your energy mindfully.

Mindfully Pause, Recharge and Revive

Most of us lead lives filled with stress caused by back-to-back drop-offs and pick-ups, high-priority projects at work and a never-ending list of household chores.

While it would be perfect if we could take a break in the middle of the work week to escape to a beach resort, not all of us have that luxury. And though these escapes might help us return refreshed and revitalized, the energy can drain away as soon as we step back into our everyday shoes.

It is, hence, up to us to find effective breaks that we can incorporate into our busy days to help us deal with the mundane routine of everyday life. Experts believe that mindfulness techniques are the route to take if we want our life to be more manageable and meaningful.

They suggest taking a “purposeful pause” at different junctures of the day to help you push the brakes on a day that usually runs on cruise control.

Mindfulness tips for pausing, recharging and reviving:

  • Have a purpose for each day: Whether it is to walk an extra mile or sit down and write a bunch of holiday cards, the purpose for the day will help you pause and change-up your otherwise busy schedule.
  • Sip on a cup of coffee or tea in the morning: Instead of mechanically making your coffee and gulping it down, take a moment to sit down and savor the experience. And remember not to fiddle with your phone or check emails while doing this. You’ll notice that starting the day with this beverage break might sharpen your attention toward the tasks lined up for the rest of the day.
  • Pause at your office door: Whether you have a crazy morning or a relatively easy one, take a moment to pause at the door to your office to breathe and prepare yourself for whatever might be awaiting you on the other side.
  • Don’t forget to check your calendar before sleeping: Once you look at your schedule for the next day, you won’t be hit with an appointment you had totally forgotten about or a child’s project that is due for submission soon. You could also revisit the schedule before heading out for your day so that you can refresh your memory and be prepared.
  • Write reminders for yourself: Little sticky notes or phone reminders can help you take meaningful pauses throughout your day. For example, remember to take a deep breath before you start driving to help you face a possible traffic block on the way to work.
  • Pause before eating: While you might be tempted to gobble the food and get back to work, remember to stop and breathe as you enjoy each mouthful. This will help you understand your body’s needs and eat more mindfully.
  • Give yourself a chance to nourish your mind and body: Be it a quick coffee with your best friend before heading home or going on a long walk after a hectic day, these activities will help you feel rejuvenated.

It does not matter if you cannot follow each of these mindfulness tips every day. What’s important is to understand that as we mechanically wade through our stressful days, it is essential to take a moment or two to pause, recharge and revive.

Learn to Mindfully Pause, Recharge and Revive Your Energy


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