Top 15 Meditation Apps for the Tech Savvy Generation

In today’s tech-savvy world where there is an app for everything, it isn’t surprising to see a multitude of fitness and meditation apps flooding the App Store and Google Play Store. Here are some of the top meditation apps that people swear by.


Available for iPhones and Android, Headspace is designed for beginners. From daily sessions of 10-minute routines to SOS meditation sessions to tackle emergency meltdowns, this app has it all.


Guided meditation seems to be the trend these days and Calm offers a variety of sessions ranging from short, three-minute ones to 25-minute sessions for more advanced users. It also has regular meditation techniques, relaxing sounds to enhance sleep and breathing exercises to help you relax.

3The Mindfulness App

This app comes equipped with guided meditation techniques, reminders and sessions that can be customized according to personal requirements. Users have found it beneficial for relieving stress and improving sleep.

4Stop, Breathe & Think

Focusing on guided meditation, Stop, Breathe & Think offers over 50 sessions of guided meditation to choose from and also has programs categorized according to their benefits. For instance, they have meditation sessions for relaxation, relieving anxiety and tackling depression.


This app offers specialized meditation practices to suit the need of the moment. They also offer close to 500 audio options to help improve different aspects of life like relationships and a troubled mind. Their 6-phase meditation is very popular among users too.

610% Happier

This app claims to have been designed for skeptics, those who aren’t yet sure if meditation is for them. Its programs could help users destress and relax and offer new content every week. The paid version has over 500 videos to pick from.

7Insight Timer

With over 4,000 free sessions of guided meditation based on topics like nature and self-compassion, the app also has 750 music tracks that can help you through your meditation session. These tracks can also be purchased for offline use.

8Simply Being

This app might work for beginners because it is designed to encourage the users to make meditation a regular practice. It offers customizable sessions that you can program based on the amount of time you have for meditating. It also emphasizes the importance of being in the present and focusing on what’s going on now.

9Smiling Mind

Smiling Mind is a unique app that allows users to tailor the programs based on age, so you could easily introduce your 7-year-old to simple meditation. The app is used by over 2 million individuals worldwide and is very popular among teachers.


If you need the motivation to start meditating every day, Sattva may be the right app for you. With its preloaded exercises, chants, music, mood tracker and guided meditation, the app has pretty much everything a user would require to successfully incorporate meditation into their everyday routine.


If you are serious about practicing meditation, Buddhify may be for you. It has over 11 hours of pre-loaded programs that are designed for different purposes like improving sleep, relieving stress or simply getting away from the daily chaos. It also has a check-in system for evaluating your progress.


A recent addition to the list of meditation apps, Trixie has guided meditation programs and a virtual assistant who can assess your mood, selection of meditation programs and routine to choose the right program for your day.


Aura has a variety of meditation guides and a specialized software that helps track the user’s mood and design a specialized session that could be three minutes or 30 minutes based on your interest.


Oak offers daily words of wisdom along with meditation sessions and breathing exercises. The programs last 10-30 minutes and can evaluate your progress.


Considered a user-friendly app, Mindfi may be beneficial for novice users as its programs can be done anywhere, be it at work, on the couch while watching TV or even when you are stuck in traffic.


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