While the benefits of meditation have long been known and recommended for kids and adults alike, a recent initiative by  famous Australian footballer, Luke Patrick Ball has brought a new wave of awareness about this.

Ball recently visited Rosebud Secondary College and spoke to more than 300 students about the value of meditation by sharing his personal experiences. The 31-year-old is also an ambassador for Smiling Mind, a free web and app-based program designed to bring balance to young lives through meditation.

Your kids too, can lead a more balanced, peaceful and fruitful life by taking on meditation. It doesn’t have to be long and time-consuming. [Also Read: 6 Myths Linked With Meditation Retreats: Debunked]

Teaching children some simple meditation techniques can help them appreciate meaningful stillness and improve their tempers, their confidence, and their overall sense of well-being. Having a great insight into mediation therapy and the well-being of kids, Ball explains, “It (meditation) can be a very useful tool to help kids through stressful situations while at school, and then into their adult life.”

Meditation can be the most rewarding experience for anyone. But when dealing with kids, it is important to engage them into practices suitable for their age, lest it should get overwhelming. Keep these dos and don’ts in mind.

Meditation For Kids: Dos

  • Since kids have short attention spans, consider alternating some of the exercises with children’s yoga asanas to help them move.
  • Choose a quiet place, relatively distraction-free, for practice.
  • Model the meditation techniques you’d like them to learn.

Meditation For Kids: Don’ts

  • Don’t push children beyond their age-appropriate skill level.
  • Don’t make it a task—the goal is not teach children the “right” way to meditate, but to plant the seeds of awareness early on, and help them learn to enjoy deep relaxation.
  • Don’t use meditation exercises as punishment, ever.

Ball advises meditating in a group, with friends, to power up the experience.

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