Meditation is a natural formula for a healthy, stress-free and balanced life. When the hustle and bustle of our daily lives leaves our mind restless, practicing meditation comforts our body and soul. However, for some of us, it is difficult to tame our wandering mind—especially in the beginning. The time spent meditating can then feel frustrating, boring or a waste of time. If you find it difficult to calm your mind, a condition known as “monkey mind”, these simple tips will help you enter the concentrative zone.

  • Appreciate Nature
    What’s more comforting that connecting with Mother Earth? With a mindful walk, focusing your full attention on the sights and sounds of your local park or beach (or even your backyard), will not only clear your mind and soothe your stress, but will also help you appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds you. Feel the nature around and vent out your worries.
  • Harbor A Hobby
    Engaging in creative activities is a liberating process. It help you focus on your creation alone, not worrying about anything else. Make music, write a poem, prune and nurture plants, or go rock climbing. Your hobby will help you heal.
  • Soak In Total Bliss
    Sometimes, you just need a soothing bath to wash your woes away. Transform a regular bath into a rejuvenating meditation session. This is a good time to focus all your senses, as there’s no one and nothing around to distract you. Plus, water helps us cleanse and relax. While you’re at it, infuse the bath with aromatic salts and oils, concentrate fully on how you feel, and let your mind unwind.
  • Pay More Attention To Daily Chores
    Daily tasks like brushing your teeth, taking a shower, doing the dishes, and eating meal often go unnoticed. Observe as and when you do these tasks. Being mindful when you eat, for instance, will make even a simple soup seem exhilarating. Pay full attention to the process of eating—all the tastes, smells, textures, thoughts, and feelings that arise during a meal.
  • Find Company
    A little support from people who practice meditation can help you learn and grow. In addition, you’ll be accountable to them and hence won’t miss a session. Pair up with friends or family or join a meditation group.

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