Natural Pest Control Review: All Purpose Pest Remedy by Aunt Fannie's

It’s never fun waking up to find an ant problem in your kitchen, or worse, a roach making its way into your bathroom. It’s completely normal, however, to find yourself in these kinds of situations once the weather begins changing and pests begin seeking shelter. That’s when you need a good natural pest control to help you out.

Whether the ants in your house are seeking refuge from the rain or the roaches need a cool place to hang out during the summer heat, having a bottle of natural pest control on hand can make your home less inviting to these outside intruders.

We recently tried the All Purpose Pest Remedy from Aunt Fannie’s after hearing about its safe formula. We were looking for a natural option that would be safe to use with our pets around, while also having commercial grade power to get rid of ants, roaches, and spiders.

We found Aunt Fannie’s pest control easy to use, as it comes in a convenient spray bottle. We prefer the spray bottle vs. the spray cans chemical pesticides come packaged in because there’s less pesticide residue left in the air with the spray bottle. We also love that the All Purpose Pest Remedy from Aunt Fannie’s is non-staining.

The natural formula makes it safe to spray the pest control in doorways, in cabinet corners, behind appliances, and around windows without making a mess. Because the formula is made with natural ingredients like essential oils, it’s safe to use if you have dogs or cats in your home. This feature alone is a major perk for dog and cat owners who are looking for pest control without harming their furry friends.

We haven’t had a chance to test the product during summer weather, but so far, it seems to be keeping the “creepy-crawlies” away during the cold weather season. The brand warns that you shouldn’t use the product near birds, fish, snakes, or plants. You should also avoid any eye contact or direct skin contact, as essential oils can be irritating for some.

It’s worth noting that if you’re looking for personal repellants against pests like mosquitos, Aunt Fannie’s offers mosquito wipes, as well, which are suitable for all ages.

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