Childhood obesity is a serious concern across the nation today. It is estimated that by 2020, 16 million kids under the age of five will be obese. As it’s on a steady rise, studies are constantly trying to find possible causes and solutions.

One such study by the Ohio State University Center for Clinical and Translational Science says that how you feed your kids is as important as what you feed them. Childhood obesity could be as psychological as it is biological. If mealtime becomes stressful for the kids in any way (for example, restricting certain foods in a strict or rude manner, or asking kids to lap up all the food on their plates),  it could establish a negative relationship with food, according to Ihuoma Eneli, professor of clinical pediatrics at university.

When parents are too strict or fight or argue with the kids regarding their food choices, the kids kids learn to eat when they are not hungry, tells Eneli. To ensure that they eat healthy, it’s important that they feel happy. In short, parents should choose how, when, where and what children eat, without being very controlling. Here are some yummy as well as healthy recipes that your child will love.

Source: Science Daily

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