little girl decorating unicorn pumpkin

If you’ve ever tried carving a pumpkin, then you’ve probably learned that carving one can take some real effort and talent to produce Martha Stewart-approved pumpkins. A quick search on the web will reveal a million pumpkin decorating ideas, but many of them are for advanced carvers or require major artistry.

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

The trick to easy pumpkin carving or simply creating a gorgeous pumpkin worthy of sitting on Martha Stewart’s porch is to use creative props and pumpkin carving stencils. Many of the pumpkin decorating ideas below require no craving at all, or simply require a basic pumpkin carving template you can print off the internet!

1. Flower Pumpkin


What better way to complement your front porch and garden than by displaying a flowered pumpkin? This pumpkin decorating idea requires no carving and can be made by simply gluing faux flowers onto your pumpkin or poking holes into it to weave flower stems through. Learn more here.

2. House Number Carved Pumpkin


While this is a faux pumpkin, it was “carved” with a hot knife and a homemade, printed template of numbers. Print out your home’s number address and carve the numbers into a pumpkin for a personalized touch. You can place a battery-operated tealight candle inside to light up the pumpkin at night. Learn more here.

3. Metallic Pumpkin


Looking to add a glamorous touch to your front porch? Simply place some newspaper underneath your pumpkin and grab a can of spray paint to transform your pumpkin into a shining work of art. You can paint real or faux pumpkins with a coat of gold, copper, or silver spray paint for instant glam. Learn more here.

4. Jeweled Pumpkin


For this look, look for a pastel or white colored pumpkin to start off with. Grab stick-on, 3D jewels to apply onto your pumpkin. You can apply them in any pattern you desire. Create polka dots, floral shapes, or a sparkly spider web as showcased above. Learn more here.

5. Garland Wrapped Pumpkin


Another beautiful pumpkin decorating idea is to wrap your pumpkins in garlands. You can find faux floral garlands at your local crafts store. Weave the garland around the pumpkin and secure in place with straight pins. Learn more here.

6. Marquee Light Pumpkin


Give your pumpkins a retro feel with this cool idea. Use craft pumpkins and spell out the season’s name, your last name, or any other word you want using marquee lights. Your front porch will have instant vintage appeal with this unique pumpkin decorating idea. Learn more here.

7. Emoji Pumpkin


Add some humor to your pumpkin by creating emoji faces. Paint your pumpkins yellow, then apply cut-out felt pieces to create different emoji faces. The faces will add some charm to your porch and get some laughs from your neighbors. Learn more here.

8. Mummy Pumpkin


Give your pumpkin some classic Halloween qualities by turning the pumpkin into a spooky mummy. Use gauzy cheesecloth brushed with glow-in-the-dark paint to transform your pumpkin into a mummy that glows at night. Learn more here.

9. Fall Leaf Pumpkin


Give your pumpkin a natural, yet decorative feel by applying fall leaves to it. Spray adhesive is used to stick dry fall leaves in a random pattern all over a pumpkin. The stem is painted a rusty red color to complete the look. Learn more here.

10. Melted Crayon Pumpkin


Transform your pumpkin into a colorful piece of artwork using crayons. A handful of crayons are glued to the top of a pumpkin then warmed with a blow dryer until they melt. The color streams down the pumpkin giving it a mesmerizing waterfall effect that will make your front porch eye-catching. Learn more here.

11. Unicorn Pumpkin


This year’s top trend continues on through the fall season with this pumpkin decorating idea. Turn your pumpkin into a whimsical unicorn little girls will love! Print out templates to create paper flowers, felt ears, and a gold horn, then glue these on to adorn your pumpkin with magical flair. Learn more here.