Post-Holiday Ideas To Reuse & Repurpose Your Christmas Tree

The holidays are through, and while you pack your decorations and silverware, you must think of clever ways to deal with the Christmas Tree. If you have an artificial one, all you have to do is box it up and stow it until the next year.

But if you have a real one, don’t dispose it off just yet. That’s because it is biodegradable—you can recycle and repurpose it. Read on to find out how to put it to good use around the house.

1Drop It Off At The Local Recycling Center

The easiest way to take care of your tree is to hand it over to a recycling center. There are many local organizations across cities that also pick the tree up from your home. Check out to find a center close to you.

2Make Mulch

Cut the tree into smaller pieces and fit it into a wood chipper to make your own garden mulch. Then use this material to regulate the soil temperature and to protect the plants from the cool climate.

3Convert it Into a Bird Habitat

Strip the tree of its ornaments and erect it in the backyard to make a habitat that provides food and shelter for wild birds. You could also hang suet on the branches or lay out some rolled food to attract the birds.

4Use it For Firewood

You could also use the bark and the branches of the tree as firewood. Be careful about how and when to use it. Wet wood could be dangerous, so add it to your woodpile and let it dry for a couple of months before you burn it.

5Use It To Insulate Flowers

The cold winds and snow could freeze the soil in your flower bed and harm the plant. Use the boughs from your Christmas tree as an insulation over the bed, to lock in the heat.

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