5 Ways To Scent Up Every Space Around You

Good aromas have the ability to lift your mood. Conversely, bad odors can put you off. Be it a person, their breath, clothes, and hair, or an office space or a living room, it’s important that they smell good.

Smell also happens to be the strongest sense in the human body. A pleasant aroma can evoke happy memories and inspire a positive state of mind, which in turn, could help build stronger relationships at work and home. So go ahead, scent up every space around you. We have this guide to get you started.

1Turn Up The Heat

Essential oils have been recommended for their aphrodisiac properties since the Egyptian times. Here’s how you can use them to spark the romance.

2Aromatic Spices For Your Breath

We all know that bad breath can be a complete deal breaker. If you love your garlic, keep these spices handy as well. They deodorize the mouth instantly—and naturally. Plus, their effect lingers longer than that of chewing gum.

3DIY Potpourri

Start with your home. Instead of using toxic, chemical-loaded air fresheners,  prepare your own little potpourri. Simmering away gently, it will freshen the room, and leave it smelling wonderful for hours.

4Natural Deodorant

Unless you’re superhuman, you can’t escape sweating. But you can control the odor that comes with it. Ditch the commercial sprays and roll-ons for these food fixes that work as natural deodorants.

5Smell Good Down There

The glands near your vagina secrete scents that are meant to attract your partner. If they’re not as pleasant as you’d want them to be, refer to these quick remedies.