bowl of cinnamon-scented pine cones

If you’ve ever walked into a home decor store or craft store during the fall season, you’ve probably been greeted by the lovely scent of cinnamon. While fall candles play a role in this aroma, the scent you’re probably smelling can be attributed to scented pine cones.

Cinnamon-scented pine cones, in particular, have a strong aroma that can cast a fragrance over an entire room. Cinnamon as a spice is generally very aromatic, which is why you’ll see it sold in the form of cinnamon brooms, wreaths, and pine cones in all types of markets during this time of the year.

Not only does cinnamon smell like fall, but it is generally a pleasant aroma that adds warmth to the home and makes your space feel inviting. But instead of buying cinnamon-scented pine cones this year, why not try making them at home?

It’s actually very easy to make your own scented pine cones. You can use pine cones you find lying around your yard or park and the ground cinnamon sitting inside your pantry for an inexpensive DIY project.

To make scented pine cones, you will need:

  • Pine cones
  • Ground cinnamon
  • Clear dry craft glue
  • Disposable craft brush


  1. If you are using pine cones you found outside, you’ll need to prep them first by placing them on a baking sheet and setting them in a 200°F oven for an hour. This will help kill any bugs or lingering bacteria on the pine cones and help open up their branches a bit.
  2. Working quickly, apply the glue to all the crevices and branches of the pine cones using your craft brush.
  3. Hold the pine cone over a container or bowl and sprinkle cinnamon all over the sticky pine cone. Give the pine cone a shake to remove any excess cinnamon.
  4. When you’ve finished all the pinecones, display the scented pine cones in a bowl on your kitchen counter, dining table, coffee table, or anywhere you want to add fragrance to in your home.