Secrets to Longevity from People Who Have Lived Long Lives

According to The World Factbook, as of 2016, the average life expectancy around the world was 69 years (67 men and 71.1 for women). When the average age is 69, do you think the people who live until 100 years or more carry a special secret for their longevity?

Secrets to Longevity

Life expectancy has increased considerably in most parts of the world and according to a report presented by the United Nations, 20 percent of the global population will be aged 65 and over by 2050.

Experts who study life expectancy rates believe that it is impacted partly by genetic factors and some lifestyle risks, 25 percent and 75 percent, respectively. So what could be the secret of longevity among centenarians who live to a ripe age of 100 or more?

For all we know, they might have some juicy secrets for the rest of us who aspire to lead long, healthy lives. For instance, the world’s oldest man (certified by the Guinness World Records) who is 112 years young says, “Eat plenty of cake and find time to soak in some hot springs.”

An in-depth research conducted by an assisted living facility found some interesting longevity tips from centenarians around the world. After analyzing 100 interviews with people who lived to be at least 100, the researchers realized that only 25 percent of them followed a healthy lifestyle and almost 29 percent of them indulged in a diet that no dietician would recommend for anyone, let alone centenarians.

Interestingly, nearly 16 percent of the subjects vouched for the daily consumption of alcohol, which is contradictory to the fact that regular consumption of alcohol can lead to various health problems.

Apart from diet, it was noticed that 18 percent had a positive outlook on life, 22 percent were active for as long as their bodies allowed them to be and 10 percent cherished their relationships.

A Compilation of Longevity Tips From Centenarians

In this day and age when people as young as in their 30s get diagnosed with high blood pressure, cancer and other chronic ailments, it is inspiring to know that there are people aged 100 and older around the world who have and are still leading healthy lives.

Here are some of our favorite tips from centenarians:

  • Practice moderation, sleep well, avoid stress, eat fruits and vegetables (Age 111)
  • Thank your genes, don’t drink or smoke, exercise and eat butter (Age 112)
  • Believe in your god, avoid makeup, smoking and drinking (Age 114)
  • Don’t have children, avoid stress and eat a breakfast of Eggos, bananas and four Pop’ems glazed donut holes (Age 115)
  • Work hard and eat hearty, healthy meals prepared from farm produce (Age 114)
  • Drink milk every day and avoid alcohol (Age 114)
  • Smoke 12 cigars a day, drink four glasses of whiskey in the morning and indulge in butter pecan ice cream every night (Age 111)
  • Eat lots of chocolate and never marry (Age 127)

Interspersed with mostly sensible and some quirky tips, it looks like we may have to find some balance to follow in the steps of these cool centenarians to lead happy and healthy lives, even if we do not live to be 100.

Secrets to Longevity from People Who Have Lived Long Lives

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